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Because of the compact nature of the Games, the plan is that it will be easy to walk between venues, and we do not anticipate any significant increase in cars within the borough in Games time. PALS is a service provided by the NHS to help individuals who would like to raise concerns about health care but do not wish to make a formal complaint. The service will listen to your concerns and work to resolve them as quickly as possible in an informal manner, and talk to staff and managers on your behalf in order to achieve this. visit website to learn more : property solicitor brisbane – APT Conveyancing


PALS can explain the details of the complaints process to clients but it does not deal with formal complaints themselves. PALS will assist you in finding whatever support you need. We have access to a range of local and national voluntary and community sector organisations that can provide additional and specialist support. We can provide details of telephone helplines, websites or leaflets for specific conditions, for example, diabetes. It is a totally independent organisation that gives information about how to take a complaint through the NHS Complaints Procedure, helps with writing letters and attends meetings with you to help you to have your voice heard.

PALS works in partnership with other local bilingual and specialist health advocacy services such as older people and mental health advocacy. Advocates are local people with specialist skills who support their own communities in accessing, using and understanding the NHS. Users often feel empowered, confident and able to participate and make use of information and treatment they are receiving when they are with an advocate. They aim to improve the standards and quality of care and services.

The aim is to ensure that students have as many opportunities as possible to improve their levels of skill, have their learning recognised and gain national qualifications. The tests have been developed by the DfES as part of its Skills for Life strategy, which focuses on improving the basic skills of adults across the country. Most students at the college already study communication and application of number as part of their course but until recently this might not have lead to a separate accredited outcome. Now students can take the test in literacy or numeracy or both without having to do extra studies or sign up for an extra course they can try them more than once and it’s all free.